About Us

Smart Technology

As the world begins to move from natural resource based economy to an ecosystem of ICT and Computer based Knowledge Resources Economy, it is not only crucial that one channel it’s planning towards the said economic system and platform as this is the next generation Economy (ICT). Reasons for Starting this Business There are basic Knowledge and reason upon which this business plan is predicated. I believe that ICT is not just a world class and no one developing economy of the world , but that ICT is almost a virgin business in Africa and it sub-divisions . therefore any business of such in Africa is not only going to make enormous profit but will be an organic means of economic development in Africa and its divisions.


Our vision is to be the leading ICT firm, a household name in every family in Africa and the world at large.


To develop ICT entrepreneurial giants in Africa that will take over the next world economy through inculcating the spirit of professionalism, building and sustaining higher ICT Standards in Service delivery.

  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Dynamism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integrity
  • Action
  • Develop Young Entrepreneurs in ICT Business in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large through ICT Knowledge and resource building
  • Build and Sustain ICT higher Standards in service delivery
  • Create Innovative platform for ICT upcoming entrepreneurs
  • Build a network of ICT-Entrepreneur all over Africa, connecting World-existing platforms.
  • Develop and secure our immediate society through technological innovation